Listen. Speak. Explore.

Seekers create immersive experiences to inspire language learners to become world explorers.

Let us clear the fog for you.

Paths will open up and all you need to do is take that step.
We provide immersive experience that...

Break Barriers

of listening and speaking.

Showcase The World

with all of it's nooks and crannies.

Is Respectful and Sensitive

towards the land, culture and people

Let's start small, let's use SmallTalks


Interactive role playing story game. Breaking barriers of speaking in another language one talk at a time.
Embark on a journey where speaking out loud will get you to places.

We are not here to teach you a language.

We are providing an immersive experience to build your confident in speaking in a new language. There is a barrier that you have created and only you can break it. Once you break the barrier, see all the paths open to where you can go.

How it works.

Create an account. Pick a story based on your level and interest. Follow what the narrator says. However, every choice you say will lead you on your own journey that is different from the others and still end up to the destination.

Made by you, used by you.

Each story/prompt you interact with has been made by the community. Each story/prompt is not a template, they have their own authenticity and uniqueness that will keep you engaged.

Be Apart of Creating Journeys